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What I Eat in a Day Vegan | Christmas Edition

Christmas is notoriously hard as a vegan, from people who just don’t get it, the excessive quanities of meat and other animal products on the dinner table, to family and friends who insist that ‘no one will know’ if you just have a ‘little bit’ of turkey (insert animal product of choice here). Fortunately I have a family who while are not vegan themselves and do make the occasional joke at my expense, are on the whole accepting of my lifestyle. Because my mum is pecactarian we have always had a veggie main alongside the meat at Christmas so it was pretty easy for us to alter it to make it vegan, and of course I spent the days running up to Christmas making plenty of vegan friendly treats.


While the rest of my family tucked in to croissants, eggs and bacon etc on Christmas morning, I whipped up some banana pancakes (1 banana, oats, flour, soy milk) with fresh raspberry sauce, strawberries, maple syrup and coconut. These are quite filling and taste every bit like a treat as the real thing perfect for special occasion mornings.


On the week running up to Christmas I made some vegan mince pies, which of course I had to eat on the day. On a quick side note my non-vegan family loved these, you literally can’t tell the difference!


Lil’ family photo


As you can tell from the photo not everyone was eating vegan at the table, but for me it was nut-roast with mushroom paté, with all the veggie trimmings a girl can dream of. We’re talking roast potatos and parsnip, mashed carrot, red cabbage, sprouts and stuffing, lets just say I was in a food coma for a while afterwards.


My drink of choice was of course a couple glasses of Bucks Fizz made using the tinest bottle of champange and some Innocent orange juice.


In my house at Christmas we don’t really do dinner at christmas, we normally wait for a few hours after our main meal and then have pudding. This year I made a vegan chocolate log, which I ate with a generous helping of vegan vanilla ice cream.

Along with everyone else at Christmas I ate many many chocolates and sweets throughout the day, but I think I’ve got the jist of what I ate  down here which should help not just for Christmas but for other occasion meals where you may need ideas for what to bring with you or as ideas to give family members.


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