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A weekend in Germany

The lovely Ellie from Green and Aquamarine is currently living over in Germany on a placement year so naturally I went to visit her for a weekend last semster. We packed a lot into the short time I was there visiting Bremenhaven, Bremen and Hamburg all in one weekend. Most of what we did revolved around finding good food to eat and exploring the area to find cute places to take photos of the city… #bloggerproblems



While Hamburg was beautiful we definitely ran into some difficulties trying to find somewhere to eat, in part down to misinformation and in part down to the fact a lot of places were despite it being a Saturday. This wasn’t a problem for long, well for me anyway, as we explored the famous docks which while being industrially imposing were kinda beautiful as well as just straight up impressive. I loved how easy it was to walk between locations even if we did have to rely on google maps sometimes to locate ourselves. And despite the fact we weren’t able to find some of the places we wanted to eat we eneded up at this great little mexican place in a new food-hall, and my only regret is not ordering the guac that they make in front of you.




Bremen is a short train journey away from Hamburg and is probably what I would consider more typical of a German town/small city. And while the Christmas markets didn’t open until the day after I left, we found a place or two to pick up some glühwein (German mulled wine) to keep us warm as we explored areas of the towns that Ellie aready knew and some new places. We spent most of our time looking for great food, but of course I forgot to take photos of everyplace we went, but Yellowbird Coffee definitely stood out and we had some of the best chai I have had since visiting India (read about that adventure here) and of course some avo toast.

We spent most evenings in her flat catching up as we hadn’t seen each other in person for several months, as a result her flatmate made us some great sundried tomatoes in olive oil with some great bread. On my last day we explored this small area of Bremen made up of small streets and quirky shops, where of course we aquired more glühwein, and then found some cute places to eat. To our surprise one of the restaurants had a pretty decent vegan option that I could try, as well as a few other veggie options, but before we went for dinner we went for cake in a tiny cafe on the corner.

Our final stop before I left to go back home was an ice cream shop that was open until pretty late in the evening, so we settled down in some of their outdoor seating until it was time for me to head back to the airport.


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