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My Carry On Beauty Bag

For most trips under a week long I try to travel using only a carry-on bag to save my money for other things when I’ve arrived at my destination. The thing I find the hardest to pack is my beauty products, but after a few trips over the past year I think I finally have my favourites sorted out.

First up is these soild shampoo and conditioner  from Lush, the main advantage of these is that they don’t count as a liquid so you can take them on board without a worry. But as we all know flying drys out your hair like crazy so I’m in love with how well they moisturise your hair.

*swishes hair*

Next up is the solid perfume aslo from Lush… I promise you I am not sponsored by them (a girl can dream) I use this as my day to day perfume as well because while I personally need a few applications a day because it is so small you can bring it with you whereever you go.

Make-up wipes are an essential when traveling because while I prefer to use make-up remover there are the next best thing. I like this small travel pack because it helps me save space in my bag as well as removing all of my make-up.

Moisturiser (not photographed) is keywhen your flying, I bring moisturiser whether I’m flying for a long or short amount of time especially during winter to prevent the air circulation drying out my skin any further. I’ve been using  this great light weight moisturiser by Clinique thanks to their tester size product being the perfect travel amount.

Traveling no matter how short the distance makes me tired and it shows on my skin so I like to bring a lightweight foundation to use as a concealer to brighten my face up a little when I’m out and about. This one from Bourjois is perfect and it looks like you have a little bit of highlight on without the hassle which just adds to a glowy natural look and makes it the perfect two in one travel beauty products.

As I previously mentioned I like to keep my make-up pretty simple when I travel, so I generally keep to a quick cat eye with this great plane friendly pen liner (Bourjois) and a more muted lip using some lip liner (Kiko) and lipstick in a lighter shade this one is Chanel. Depending on what I have planned for my travels I might bring a bolder lipstick for evening events etc.

Lastly is mascara, I keep it pretty paired down with the make-up when I travel as I’m mostly focused on experiences and active when I go somewhere new. But I still like to go out in the evening so by bringing mascara it opens up my eyes and gives me that last bit of confidence I need on a night out.

Hopefully this is helpful to some of you when you are on your travels.


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