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So on Friday the 23rd I graduated from university. I left with a 2:1 Bachelor of Art’s degree with Honours in English Literature with Publishing Media, and honestly I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I know it is kinda cliché to say that university changed my life and was the best three years of my life so far but it couldn’t be more true. I have done so many things that I never would have dreamed of in the last few years. Sure there have been hard times, where there was no money (I once ate nothing but rice and oats with frozen veg for longer than I want to admit), there were low grades, bad nights out, break-ups, and stress fuelled breakdowns. But none of it, and I mean none of it will outweigh some of the greatest moments of my life, the friends I now have, all of the amazing inspiring lecturers I had, and every other experience in-between.

The main question after you graduate is: ‘What are doing next?’ and the honest answer is I don’t know, I have travel plans for the autumn, but before and after that I don’t have a single clue. I also don’t give a damn if you think I should have my life together by now because the last thing I can imagine right now is going straight into full time work in a job I’m not sure about. But if university has taught me anything is that you can’t learn everything from someone else you have to do it yourself, do things your own way and just find out what works for you. Which might be why my grades only got better as I went through university… All I know now is that is that it is going to take a lot to top these experiences in the immediate future.


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