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Twenty-One Things

So today (7th June) is my birthday. My 21st birthday to be specific. So in the spirit of another year existence and cliche blogger tradition I have written a list of twenty-one things I have done in the past year.

  1. I travelled, a lot. In the past year I have been to Corfu, France, Germany (twice), Amsterdam, and Koh Samui.
  2. I wrote a dissertation.
  3. I finished my final year of university, which is both amazing and terrifying.
  4. I watched Beauty and the Beast twice in the cinemas because why the heck not. (I also quote this meme in my Tinder bio…)
  5. After three attempts I passed my practical driving test. Phew.
  6. For the first and last time I made it for the whole night of May Day (this is a weird Oxford tradition where you stay up all night on the 30th of April and watch a choir on Magdalen tower at 6am…)
  7. I recovered from heartbreak and loss.
  8. I started to take weight training seriously, and now I can’t imagine my life without lifting.
  9. I made friends. I lost friends.
  10. Books. I read lots and lots of books in the last year, some that I enjoyed and some that I didn’t… A literature degree doesn’t mean the books are interesting.
  11. I’m still vegan.
  12. I laughed, and then laughed some more.
  13. I learnt to appreciate more time by myself.
  14. I saw so many of the bands I love perform live, but most importantly for the title of this post I saw Twenty-One Pilots.
  15. I need to get better with money. I mean I’m not awful but I could definitely be better.
  16. I’ve exercised my right to vote.
  17. I would now openly say that I am a Feminist.
  18. I learnt to forgive, but not to forget.
  19. I learnt when to take a break, but I also overworked myself.
  20. Playlists by my friends have become my lifeblood.
  21. I survived another year.



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