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Deciding to Travel Alone

If you know me in person then you know that I have wanted to go traveling again since I went on my trip to India and Nepal over 3yrs ago. I guess I always thought I would be travelling with either a friend or group of friends if I ever went for a long time, but as you can probably tell from the title I decided for the most part to travel alone. And both since way before I left and since travelling people are always shocked when I say I’m doing this solo, and I must admit I didn’t think about it that much until someone first looked shocked at the idea but after a bit of thinking and of course a bit of travelling alone I have come up with some reasons as to why I am doing this thing alone.

Firstly and probably the main reason why is that it means I can do the things I want to do, without the pressure of what anyone else is feeling like or what they would enjoy most etc. Probably the most prevalent thing with this is that I have stopped enjoying getting drunk/going out clubbing which is easier to avoid when you are travelling alone. There are also other things I know I would love to do that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to some of my friends. Along with that goes the way I eat, it is way easier to be picky about where I go and get food when I’m eating out or what food I make at the hostels I’m staying in when you are budgeting to share the food or people have different preferences.

The second reason is timing, both the people that could have joined me and myself have all just graduated from university which means we all had different plans and schedules for the months afterwards. As well as obviously different financial situations and how much any one of us could save over the summer period/the last semester of university before my trip.

And I guess booking this alone, was also part of me wanted to prove to myself I could do it alone, but also to give myself time to reflect and improve. I also knew I personally needed a break after University before fully applying for full-time graduate jobs that would mean I wouldn’t be able to travel for as long or for as far for a while. But I think most importantly this trip is for me to enjoy, experience new things and meet new people without the pressures of already formed friendship structures.

The final reason is I actually enjoy my own company.


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