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First Stop Christchurch

This is the first post out of seven that I have written for New Zealand and honestly most of it is just landscape porn. New Zealand is by far one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to so most of these posts will be pretty photo heavy. Now I actually arrived in Christchurch at about 11pm on the 10.10.17 but thats not exactly a first day is it. I spent my first day recovering from my flight which affected me way more than I had thought it would, also as much as I wanted to explore it was raining quite a bit when I first woke up. As is the way in hostels I inserted myself into a conversation at an opportune moment and stayed drinking some water and talking before going to get some groceries. I was stopped on my way to do this by Dustin who offered me some toast with jam and peanut butter so I wouldn’t have to go out until the rain had stopped. The rest of the day was spent running errands with both Dustin and his friend Jenn including getting myself some food and tea.

The next day the sun was out and it felt much more like spring than it had the previous day, so I elected to go on a walk to Sumner Beach which was incredibly relaxing. If you read my blog posts from Australia then you’ll know about my affinity for the ocean and the peace it brings me. This relaxed effect was only enhanced by treating myself to a chai latte before getting the bus back into town. Over the past few weeks of travel I definitely noticed how I would much rather explore a place by foot if possible because it gives you a chance to appreciate the place you are experiencing far more as well as being able to find places you never would have found otherwise. Once I returned to the city I walked back to the hostel via the chair memorial, which is in memory of those who died in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake which the city is clearly in some areas still recovering from.The evening ended in watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with a group of people from the hostel.

On my third day in the city Dustin invited me to hike up the hills on the edge of the city, something he had tried to do with a group of others the day before but they didn’t manage it. So naturally my hill walking hating butt went up a series of hills on the promise that there was more than just a view of the city if we just go up another bit. And yes I complained the whole way up, I will never be someone who is happy walking on a steep incline but the view was there and the whole experience was made better by getting to know someone along the way.


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