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From Brisbane to Sydney| Sydney 07.10.17-10.10.17

I arrived in Sydney around 8am in the morning, and after some less than good quality sleep on the coach I headed towards the hostel I was staying at. But because I couldn’t check in until 2pm, I dropped of my bags and went on a small cafe hopping tour of Sydney, and of course I had to grab brunch while I was at it. By the time I got to the hostel I had drunk two cups of chai and had eaten some amazing Avocado on toast, at a place called Bread and Brew in Surry Hills. Once I was checked in I showered and changed ready to join in with the party the hostel was hosting that evening.

On my second day in the hostel after helping myself to the free breakfast (which unless in Europe is without fail toast with a weird variety of toppings) and a cup of black tea, I started talking to a couple of other people in the hostel who said they would take me on a tour to the Opera house and bridge later that morning. Now I don’t know if its because I was still tired or because I am used to the extravagant architecture in Europe and the UK but the Sydney Opera House was somewhat underwhelming up close. It does look rather more impressive from a far but never the less it did not live up to the hype surrounding it. The bridge by comparison seemed more impressive but that might be due to the industrial nature of the structure. Before heading back out towards the hostel where I had a yoga class booked we relaxed in a nearby park and discussed noughties emo indie rock bands. Panic! at the Disco, MCR, and Fall Out Boy I’m looking at you…

Obviously next up was my yoga class which was at a studio called Urban Yoga, and it was definitely one of the best yoga experiences I’ve had and I truly loved the yoga teacher I had at university. It was held in a dark space and while obviously worked muscles in my body it felt good to release all the tension in my legs from all the walking I had been doing and would be doing for the next couple of months. While we were in corpse pose at the end the instructor came round and gave us a short neck and forehead massage with some essential oils that smelled insanely good. After I left the class I spent sometime in their tea area, while reading one of the books on the table filled with interviews of people who ran small businesses. As normally follows late afternoon yoga classes I went back to the hostel were I made a late lunch early dinner of spicy tempeh wraps, drank tea and watched WALL-E in the tv room before going to bed.

Now there are a lot of things to do in Sydney and that morning I had a toss up between the ever popular bondi beach or heading a bit further out from the city and going for a hike through the blue mountains. If you have were paying attention to my instagram from over a month ago now you’ll know I opted for the latter option and went to Wentworth Falls by the recommendation of the guys who showed me around the day before. And boy was it worth it, I got sunburned, ran out of water on the way back, and severely overestimated my ability at walking up lots of steps but the Mountains blew me away.

My only regret regarding this hike was not wearing shorts and bringing a towel so I could cool off in the waterfall once I was down there. That evening consisted of watching other people playing Texas Hold’em with dried chickpeas as chips and then playing a few rounds of confused blackjack.

As with all the places I’ve been to the next day I had to leave to get on a flight to New Zealand, so honestly beside writing in my journal and finding cheap asian salad with which to get rid of my final Aussie dollar change (there was a lot of that) so the guys at a cafe in the airport got a pretty decent tip.



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