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Peace in Lake Tekapo

Next up for me in my exploration of the South Island was Lake Tekapo. So after getting up very early and saying bye to those who were awake in the hostel and hopped on to a bus (I say hopped but I mean walked halfway across town). Said bus took me through the biggest changes in scenery I have seen in such a short space of time. The variation was insane but also stunning, the longer you staying in New Zealand the more you realise why they filmed Lord of the Rings here.

If you were wondering the water was that blue in real life its completely mesmerising. I spent a lot of my time here walking around the lake, and paddling my feet in the water. With my final afternoon spent relaxing in the Hot Pools about 5 minutes walk away from the place I was staying.

I promise I was happy here but i just liked this shot better than the ones where I was smiling…



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