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The One Where I Paid to Jump of Something Very High Up

Queenstown the home of adventure sports and adrenaline in NZ. It was here I did the one thing I came to New Zealand know I was going to do at some point a Bungy Jump. So after a whole bunch of hunting for deals on groupon, and Dustin and I found a discounted price for the Ledge Bungy over the city run by AJHackett. Unfortunately as you can see from the photos you can see that it was quite cloudy and miserable weather the day we did the jump but that didn’t make it any less exhilarating. The other thing you can see in the photos is that I am holding on to the rope as a jump because as I ran off the ledge the way my brain thought I could stop this is by holding the rope… It is such an odd experience to to jump off something like that with such a free fall because until the free fall ends and the rope springs back on itself you don’t know if it will work. I now really want to do the swing and some of the other bungy jumps around both New Zealand and the world.

The other things I did in Queenstown included walking up Queenstown Hill, watching ‘Into the Wild’ on Netflix because I needed a day relaxing, and eating pies and burgers from Fergs. I also saw goats on one of the walks I did and put buttercups in my hair. One thing I have noticed since traveling is that all of the best view involve walking up hills which makes sense but man oh man do I hate walking up hills. Or mountains for that matter. Fortunately for me I would be driving through mountains instead of walking/climbing up them for the next week or so, but that is for the next post.


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