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British Things I Missed While Travelling

Neal’s Yard London

There are some many things I love about the countries I’ve seen over the last few months but there are definitely some things I miss about British culture.

  1. Proper tea. Fortunately I drink a lot of herbal tea which tastes pretty good regardless of where you are, but trying to find good english breakfast tea that won’t cost an arm and a leg is something of a mission. Not to mention finding a kettle to boil water instead of these weird hot water dispensers that are in pretty much hostel I’ve stayed in.
  2. Marmite. Okay so I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I had some at my Aunts house in Auckland, I’ve been craving it ever since. And yes I’ve tried Vegemite but I will always prefer Marmite.
  3. Slightly shit customer service. As soon as I got to the USA I realised how true the stereotype of enthusiastic customer service employees is. Honestly this bit of stand up by Jack Whitehall covers my feelings pretty nicely on the topic, you can watch it here.
  4. Complaining. It is something that is bred into us Brits I am pretty sure to mutter complaints about the smallest things all the time. Turns out not everywhere else does this. I enjoy hearing people complain about the weather everyday even on a nice day because no it is too hot.
  5. Cheap Vegetarian food. This excluded my time in North America because they do it pretty damn well. But trying to find cheap Vegan/Vegetarian food in New Zealand and Australia proved to be something of a struggle especially when all you want is some Linda McCartney sausages.
  6. One word conversations. This probably sounds really weird but there are instances in the UK where each person only saying one word can constitute a full conversation and I love that. Examples of which are:Person 1: Alright?Person 2: Alright

    This both asks if the other party is okay today and answers that question without anyone having to say more than one word.

    Person 1: Pub?

    Person 2: Pub.

    Same logic applies here and is far more efficient than discussing possible bar or drinking options.

I am sure there were other things but these were the 6 things that stood out to me when I was looking back at my time travelling.


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