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Sunday Trips to Harbourside Market

I start this post I would like to mention how photogenic bunches of carrots are. Now that is out of the way I will start with how I have always loved markets but due to the location of where I have lived in the past it was either too impractical to drive to the local one or I worked over the hours when it occurred. And while I was at university I did make use of Oxford’s covered market but its just not the same as an outdoors fruit and vegetable market with food stalls mixed in is it.

While the Harbourside market isn’t the cheapest market in Wellington it is definitely my favourite so far partly because it is in such close proximity to where I am currently staying but also because it is always so busy which definitely makes a market more enjoyable.


While it would be cheaper to buy all of my veggies here for the week I usually only buy for the 3 or so days after the market so they stay as fresh as possible. That and the hostel fridge/cupboards only have a limited amount of space. Last week I bought cherries, corn (which was definitely the best thing from that trip), peaches, carrots, and a couple bell peppers. Obviously that isn’t enough to sustain two people for a week so it was supplemented over the week with a couple of trips to the supermarket.

Next week I am going to be able to explore a different market due to a change in location and I can’t wait to hopefully see some cheaper prices and different produce. As well as test out some new produce bags I have invested in so I don’t have to use the plastic ones they have on offer by the different stalls.


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