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Why I took a break from blogging.

I have been blogging on and off since I was 16 and first created this space on the internet. It started as a school project and I carried it on because well I enjoyed it. As I went through university I kept at it but not consistently because you know deadlines and oh my goodness so much reading. But this last year or so have been my most sporadic since I started, because I started seeing it as another task I had to complete. I had stopped enjoying it. I wanted to document all of my travels and adventures over the last year, I wanted to write about a lot of things actually. But every time I sat down to write I stopped, because I didn’t know why I was doing it anymore.

After this happening on several occasions I realised I was doing it because I felt I had to because I had been doing it for 5 years. Not because I wanted to sit a write and create or share something I had experienced. It had become a task rather than a hobby. So I stopped completely, and with that came some changes I wasn’t expecting. Overtime I began to feel the urge to be creative again, which came in the form of cross-stitch, journalling and watercolours. I stopped thinking about whether I should be using my time to blog instead of playing a game, Stardew valley I am looking at you… or simply just enjoying a book without thinking whether I should write a review of it.

So here I am back to writing on this blog. And hopefully I am here for the long-haul, but also happy in the knowledge that I can take a break if and when I need one.

Mim xx

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