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Candy Floss Sunsets in Tasman

I am currently on the road. So this post will be the start of a series of posts (if I can get my shit together) from my twenty day road-trip around the South Island of New Zealand, starting and ending in Wellington. I am doing this trip with my boyfriend, and ti mostly possible thanks to his car and rooftop tent making it easy for us to travel cheaply and freely as well make our way round the SI.

Living in Wellington meant that we had to get up earlier than even my barista job requires to get on the InterIslander ferry across to Picton. From there we drove to our first stop Golden Bay, making a quick pit stop at Nelson to get groceries and eat lunch.

After a very stressful week of packing and preparing a visa forms before we left our two night stay at the Pohara Top 10 Holiday Park was the perfect start to our trip. We were lucky enough to be given a camp spot next to a beach entrance ,so since I love being near the water so much the first thing I did was head down to the beach to see the water. Well after setting up the tent and sharing a beer anyway…

The one thing I couldn’t get over with this beach was the sheer size of it. The tide seemed to go out forever, and water was warm and shallow. The beach seemed to invite you to walk out to the ocean to greet it, and as we did sit and let the tiny waves lap over our legs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, in my case that meant taking a nap and continuing my slow endeavour to teach myself french before we move to Montreal (more on that in another post). Continuing the relaxed vibe into the evening lead to making mushroom and saffron risotto on the camp stove and heading out to watch (and capture) the sunset over the beach. By the time the sun had set it was past 10pm and man did we need some sleep.


*disclaimer some of these photos are taken by my boyfriend, who kindly takes good pictures of me everywhere we go.


  1. Ruth Ruth

    Looks wonderful. More please.

    • englishmlle96 englishmlle96

      I’m working on it.

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