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Monthly Favourites 06.17

Another month has gone by so naturally I have some new things that I am currently loving….

Glorious by Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey. This has been my jam since its release and no I won’t take it off repeat.

]Passing my Driving Test. I mentioned this briefly in my Twenty-One Things post but after 3 years of on and off lessons, several failures for both the Theory Test and the Practical test I am finally able to legally drive by myself.

Witch Hazel. I have started to use witch hazel instead of regular toner because its way more gentle on my skin which gets quite sensitive at times. I can’t say it has improved my skin but my skin is considerably less red after my skin routine now… also it smells amazing.

Clinique Moisture Surge. My mum gave me a tester pot of this moisturiser when I was home for my birthday and now I’m in love. I just wish Clinique were cruelty free and vegan so I could buy it when I finally run out of this pot.

Graduating. I GRADUATED. I did a whole other post on this which you can read here. But to summarise I am so proud of my friends and I for making it through the three years of university and all coming out of it with 2:1 honours degrees in our respective subjects.

Pulsin Protein Booster in literally any flavour they are all amazing this just happened to be the one i have left this week… I tend to keep these in my gym bag for straight after a workout because it takes me about 20minutes to get home and its best to eat something within that time to aid recovery.




  1. Congratulations on passing your drivers test + graduating! June must have been a stressful month for you. Well done! x

    • englishmlle96 englishmlle96

      Thank you so much! It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. x

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