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note to self by Connor Franta| a review


note to self by Connor Franta

First of all a question for Connor, whichever bit of you that you poured into this book for us I want to know if you are okay without it, because this book has made me feel a rollercoaster of emotions every time I have read it. (I’ve read it 3 times since purchase)

For me this is more than just a book, it is a collection of temporary moments that felt like they could last forever until they didn’t and the next page showed me something new, an altered perspective. As I think I have previously mentioned on here I am very new to enjoying poetry, while I have read it for years as part of my studies I didn’t enjoy it up until recently. Connor’s words either in the sections of prose or in the poetry gave me something to relate to, a reason to look back on the past but know that the future can only bring me more joy, and they allowed me to explore myself emotionally. The photographs, the medium by which I first found Connor online (via his Instagram) were, as with his first book, not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but also allowed my to pause and think about the writing that had come in the previous pages. I personally really enjoy when the layout of a book force you to stop and think about the content you have just read but that could just be me…

When I read it through the second time, I actually started using some of my left over sticky tabs from my last year at uni to mark out some of my favourite pages, which is now something having read the book again since that point that I want to do with other books I read. Obviously it will probably work better with poetry, but I’m not adverse to underlining quotes I like either.


Connor’s writing explores so many elements of being in your early twenties, the experiences of love and loss as well as the feelings you get when you are alone or do something simple but you did it alone so it feels like a massive achievement. It goes without saying that some of these topics are universal, but maybe because I am only a year into my twenties that the way he conveyed the experience of emotion and experiences was in a way that those who are still experiencing things for the first time with a little naivety and innocence can fully understand.

I guess this was more of a response than a review of this book but oh well, I’m off to probably read it again.




  1. Chris Burnett Chris Burnett

    Good to see all of yourain adventures xxx

  2. Chris Burnett Chris Burnett

    Enjoy xxx

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