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A series of unplanned events in Mt. Cook.

Mount Cook is the highest peak in the Southern Alps in New Zealand if the bus driver that took me there was to be believed. I spent the first night in an overpriced dorm room, having spent the afternoon hiking up one of the shorter trails. Well so I thought, one of these trails turned out to be thousands of steps instead of the steady incline my map had led me to believe. But as will all hikes and hill climbs the view makes the struggle worth it. The next day Dustin met me out at the mountains and we hitched a ride about 2minutes up the road to a campsite to stay at for the next couple of nights. Over the next couple of days/nights we lived entirely on cereal and energy bars, slept in a summer tent when it was 2°C outside at night, this doesn’t sound that bad until I mention I didn’t have a sleeping bag so we were sharing a sleeping bag and using clothes as sleeping mats. But as much as it was a ridiculous situation I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. We walked out to one of the lakes near by, made it halfway up a mountain hike because after very little sleep we were never going to get to the top. And before our coach to Queenstown we had what on any other day would have been normal pub style chips but because we hadn’t had any warm or good food for a good amount of time I swear they were the best chips I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Cue some photos that make me wanna go straight back to the mountains.



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