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From Brisbane to Sydney| Brisbane, 30.09.17-01.10.17



After two flights, hardly any sleep, and an over priced train fare into the city, I made it to Brisbane late in the afternoon. Lucky enough for me, my accommodation (Nomads Brisbane) in the city was directly opposite the station, so after a quick check in process and a shower I set out to do a little exploring. Which led me to discover that the city had a firework display that night that could be viewed from the edge of the City Botanic Gardens. So before the display started I bought some blueberries and some freeze dried strawberries that were on offer in Woolies and picked a place to sit to watch the display. No don’t get me wrong the display was good it even featured a Harry Potter element but it was no Bonfire night in the UK… Once the display had finished I headed back to the hostel, where a couple guys from my room were planning on going to a bar nearby so naturally I joined them for a while until they went to a club at which point I headed back and tried to get some sleep.


This was my only full day in Brisbane, so before a breakfast I went to explore the City Botanic Gardens in the daylight. Once I had explored as much of the gardens as I could before I began to get hungry I headed out in pursuit of brunch. Enter The Bagel Bar, where not only did I find a great Vegan bagel on the menu, I also found a bottle of Aloe and Pear juice. I took my food to takeaway and found a spot in the middle of the city where I could eat and people watch.

After a short nap, and some journal writing I got up in search of something to do. Now this might sound crazy but I used Tinder, now wait before you all go judging me I changed my bio to make it clear I was only looking to hang out for a few hours (aka not hook up). After a bit of swiping I had some luck. A guy was in the city and wanted to go bowling, so off I went to play a round of bowling. Too my surprise I scored pretty well considering the barriers were down, I even got a strike (a rare event let me tell you). This was also the day I learnt that the state Queensland doesn’t participate in daylight savings. Yup you read that right every other state in Australia uses daylight savings and they don’t. I continued to be mildly irritated by how silly that is while I made myself some instant noodles for dinner with a side of blueberries.


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