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From Brisbane to Sydney| Byron Bay 05.10.17-06.10.17


After a few hours spent by the pool at my hostel in Surfers Paradise, I caught the Greyhound bus to Byron Bay. Where as soon as I arrived I put down my things changed into swimwear and headed immediately to the beach for a few hours. Then after a quick shower and change of clothes I set out to find a vegan restaurant called ‘The Beet’ I had seen mentioned by Bonny Rebecca on her instagram. fortunately Byron isn’t that big so it didn’t take me too long to find it. I chose a spot outside because I had forgotten my notebook to write in so I wanted to people watch instead while I ate the best vegan burger I have had in my life so far. I ordered the ‘Beet Burger’ which came with sweet potato chips, and vegan aioli. To drink I went for a hibiscus kombucha, because if I’m going to eat out as a vegan I might as well be basic about it. The naturally for desert I opted for a soy chai latte, because damn that burger was huge!


Having checked out, and put my bags in luggage storage I headed out on a walk to Byron Lighthouse. The walk took less time than I anticipated but with a lot more up hill walking than I would have thought. The lighthouse wasn’t that great but the walk was really good, taking me past cliffs and small inlets where the water was rougher than at the main beach. Once I had walked back into town and cooled off a bit as it was quite humid and warm I took myself out for breakfast.

I went to a place just round the corner from my hostel called Combi. Besides the menu being a bloggers dream, around the edge of the seating they had plenty of magazines for people to pick from and read while they were there. I chose an issue of Womankind focused around wolves and the wild woman spirit. And as for breakfast I went for a matcha latte, and the vegan toasted sandwich. After this pick me up I headed back out to the beach for the rest of the day and spent my time swimming and soaking up the sun. Once the wind began to pick up I headed back to the hostel to relax a bit before my overnight Greyhound coach to Sydney. Yup you read that right I was spent the whole night on the coach.


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