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From Brisbane to Sydney| Surfers Paradise 02.10.17-04.10.17


After an early start I caught the Greyhound bus from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately that afternoon it was grey and raining so after a quick scope of the area and a quick trip to Woolies to get supplies for food (bread and jam) I headed back to my accommodation where I met some other people in my room and shared some beers before going to bed pretty early.


The weather had improved for today so after a short walk down the beach in order to find an ATM that didn’t charge me extra to take out money, and scope out places to swim/relax, I went and put on my bikini and set out for a day on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. This was the first time I had been to the beach in a long time (excluding all pebble beaches in the UK) so it felt amazing to walk on the sand barefoot. The only downside to this is that sand goes everywhere, and I mean everywhere I am 95% sure I will empty my bags in December and find sand. This was probably not helped by that fact that because I wear a lot of suncream it stuck to my body like glitter does at a festival. In-between listening to Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire’s podcast ‘Crash on My Couch’ and ‘Water’ by Jack Garratt I took some quick dips in the water allowing myself to get fully lost in the waves.

After a few hours I headed into town for some coffee, which I must say is so much nicer than any I’ve had in the UK. After sitting on the edge of the beach for a while with my coffee I went to get some food, and I’m ashamed to say I went to McDonalds where I got a portion of hash brown bites, which again I am ashamed to admit tasted pretty damn good. On my way back to shower I got a message from the guy I went bowling with saying that him and a few friends were going to get chocolate fondue down at Broadbeach, and would I like to join. Well of course I did, especially if chocolate was involved. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the bloody lush spread but I can confirm that dark chocolate fondue is just as good as normal chocolate fondue so us vegans definitely don’t have to miss out.


After having the chocolate fondue for dinner the previous night I decided that my body could do with some vitamins, I was craving something fresh so I headed out towards Mermaid Beach which I had heard was quieter than either Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach. The walk took longer than I thought so by the time I got there I couldn’t wait to find a place to eat. I found an ‘aesthetic’ place called ‘Little Mermaid’ and in true basic vegan style ordered myself a Açaí bowl. With this being my first ever Açaí bowl, having only used it in smoothies back home to make the frozen puree last longer, I was definitely impressed. There were plenty of toppings (as pictured above) but the coconut yogurt was to die for.

Then in an unsurprising turn of events I headed back on to the beach to soak up some more salt, sand and sea. This may have been the day I got a little sunburnt… by the time I had made it back to the hostel it was about mid afternoon, so after applying more suncream I played a game of pool volleyball with a flat rugby ball with some of the others at the hostel, then after talking and chilling out for a while it was getting close to dinner time (this happened to be a day of relaxing and food, I am on holiday after all), so I got the tram back out to near Broadbeach where I had spotted the vegetarian eatery ‘The Cardamon Pod’ the day before, I got the vegan lasagne, some brown rice and lasaka from their pick and choose menu. Which naturally I followed up with a chai latte made with almond milk, before heading back to the hostel to relax with some others.


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