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Japanese Adventures| 26.09.17


We started the day off by the river with some more of the red bean fish and shared a new flavour which turned out to be custard. Then we headed to the area of Gion near our hostel and explored an area full of shrines for the day. There were way more shrines that we first thought and we spent about 4hrs hours there, walking, interacting, and respecting the shrines. A lot of our time was also spent looking in awe at the women wearing kimonos, mostly because they are beautiful but partly because it was really warm and I have no idea how they weren’t over heating.

At some the shrines we followed the instructions, for example rubbing the belly of a buddy statue, and touching the part of an oxen statue where you need healing. As well as praying for good fortune in the rest of our travels using some mantra wheels, which is probably more effective if you understand the mantras. On our way back to the hostel for a nap we found a sweet shop where they sold rock candy with images in the centre, where we spent about 5 minute mesmerised by on of the member of staff cutting it up.

Once we returned to the hostel we used a sheet mask each to refresh ourselves and to relax for a while before heading out for and early dinner, which was katsu curry with rice, followed by for me some black sesame pudding. Then we explored some of the side streets, which were a mix of new shops and old shines and buildings, followed by a late trip to a small food place where we got some skewers in tempura batter, I had a mix of Lotus root, shivaji, banana, baby corn, and yam cake, with some ginger beer. You didn’t get much food for your money but it definitely tasted amazing. After this it was about 10pm and we were beginning to get tired so we headed back to our beds for the night.


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