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Japanese Adventures|28.09.17/29.09.17


All aboard another expensive bullet train.

Once back in Tokyo we found our way to our new hostel… it was definitely something to behold. So we made like the wind and went straight back to Ueno park, to explore one of the museums. We ended up in the Tokyo National Museum, where even though they didn’t have the ‘Different views of M.t Fuji’ on display at the time still had some cool things in it was well as some rather funny paintings. There were a lot of swords, and Samurai armour which is damn impressive when it’s all together, as well as some historical documents that we couldn’t understand. In an unsurprising turn of events we went to go and get some ramen, with another tofu mattress, followed by a trip to a desert shop for something sweet while we waited for the rain to let up before heading back to the hostel for the night.

When you see someone you think you know.
When you receive a text and have to investigate if it’s the truth
Honestly I feel like this dragon every time I walk in on a conversation by accident


Before our flights that afternoon, we spent the day in Ueno park enjoying the sun and people watching, and listening to street artists, the most impressive of which was a guy with a cello who played a mix of theme tunes, classical pieces, and new music. Once he had finished and moved on we settled by the fountain in the sun, only moving to try a Starbucks drink, I went for a matcha frap, and Emma went for the caramel frap. Once we had finished our drinks it was time to navigate ourselves to the airport, on a train that took way longer than anticipated, which meant I had to rush through to check in, leaving me 20mins to spare on the other side which I used to acquire some snacks and a bottled drink (which I could use on the plane for water). And then I was off on a 10hr 25min flight to Australia.


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