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A Weekend Away in London

The weekend before I took a flight to move to New Zealand (more about that in a later post) I spent a few days in the UK’s beloved capital with friends I haven’t seen in too long and won’t see in a long time. For me that meant hopping from events, pilates classes, foodie spots with some of the best vegan food the city has too offer, sometime spent in the pub and seeing a show on the fly.

I spent the first few days with Elle from Green & Aquamarine. Staying in a cute AirBnB in Shoreditch we had easy walking access to What the Pitta at the Boxpark so obviously after setting down our things we went for a large late lunch. And boy oh boy does this place live up to the hype, the only problem is that I will now suffer severe cravings for Vegan Döner until I get the chance to go back. I must admit I wasn’t sure about the price tag when we first arrived but the fully wrapped up kebab/wrap was almost the length of my forearm so you definitely get your moneys worth. After that we explored the area a bit while also wandering closer to the HBC X Pip and Nut event we were attending later that evening with a small pit stop for tea along the way. The event it’s self was hosted by the amazing Fab and featured plenty to think about as a blogger as well as someone who has looked at traditional marketing theory during her degree the positive outlook on influencer marketing by the speakers was refreshing.

On our second day we started off with a reformer pilates class at Tempo pilates, this was a first for both of us having taken part in plenty of mat classes in the past we both like the new challenges that a different form gave us.

Sidenote: you need pretty good balance for this, something I don’t exactly pride myself on so I am mostly just proud I didn’t fall on my butt during class.

After a good class we headed to the Deliciously Ella Cafe just off Oxford Street for a late breakfast almost brunch. I opted for the chia pudding with the cinnamon granola and pineapple compote and an oat milk mocha. I do wish I had added some extra coconut yogurt though because I have a sneaking feeling that it would go perfectly with the pineapple. The rest of our day was spent exploring Carnaby street (See the cute latte’s pictured below), Liberty London, and Fortumn and Mason, as well as booking tickets to see 42nd Street that evening.

42nd Street was booked on a whim at one of the last minute ticket booths in Leicester Square, and I throughly enjoyed the experience it is truly a show that came from broadway with big show tunes and tap dancing galore. Completely different from any other musical I have ever seen in the theatre.

On our final day we treated ourselves to a brunch at Farmacy, where we met the lovely Alicia who we had spoken to online thanks to Zanna’s Living Consciously Crew Facebook group. And I will be honest the waffles were amazing but the menu definitely comes with the London price tag and some of what Elle likes to call nutritional bullshit. With our bellies full we went out to explore Notting Hill and its gorgeous town houses, as well as taking a peak or two at Portobello Rd market. Naturally we stopped for a tea and cake break, enjoying the vegan red velvet cupcakes The Hummingbird Bakery had on offer and some mint tea from a near by Starbucks.

Unfortunately after our exploration of the area it was time for Elle to head back up to university, so once we had said our goodbyes I walked down to Kensington Highstreet and grabbed myself a big salad box from Wholefoods for my dinner that evening.

The next day was spent with two of my friends from university, eating pub food and drinking cider before lusting over clothes we couldn’t afford on Regent’s Street. That evening after sorting out a few things I went back to Farmacy to have dinner. Where I had the Farmacy burger and a Maca Latte with oat milk. And as always I will be honest here I prefer the brunch menu by a mile.

Sidenote: Never be afraid to have dinner by yourself.

On my final day in London I started out the day at 26 Grains in Neal’s Yard with some Avocado toast and a hot chocolate. And I know that technically you can make both these things at home even in a hostel but there is something about having it at an eatery that makes it special. That and I don’t know how they make their bread at 26 grains but it is to die for…

Following breakfast I headed over to No.1 Carnaby St for one of their Model Method classes, which I definitely needed before my flight to New Zealand that night. After the class I met my friend Hannah during her lunch break at Wagamamas before after a quick pit stop in Starbucks to get some blog things done and finish my current read at the time I headed back to Notting Hill to get my bags and head to Heathrow to catch my flight.


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