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January Favourites

I have had one crazy start to the new year, so it is only right that I have some favourite things that I have been doing, reading, cooking, drinking, eating, listening to, watching… you get the idea. So here is a list of things I have been loving during the first month of 2018.

Moving to New Zealand. 

I guess this is the big one, on the 15th of January I headed to London Heathrow Airport and spent 36hrs in the air and in airports travelling over to Wellington, New Zealand. And as much as this is the scariest thing I have ever done and halfway through the first flight I thought I had made a mistake I am so glad I have done it. Now just to continue the job hunt…

Spending quality time with friends. 

Before I got on that flight I spent some amazing time away in London (I documented the trip in this post), Birmingham and more locally in Devon with some of my best friends who I am going to miss awfully now I am away.

My Swell Bottle. 

Shout to my sister for getting me this one for Christmas even if it did arrive a touch late. It is by far the best reusable water bottle I have ever owned. Mostly cause I can drink my tea from it as well eliminating a need for a reusable mug on most days.


I like a lot of people discovered kombucha last year and while I don’t drink it everyday, nor do I make my own I do like the taste and do find that when I’m not feeling my best digestion wise this helps sooth any problems out a bit. Any one with ginger in is definitely my go to but that has more to do with me being one of those people who loves crystallised ginger than its health benefits.

Falling back in love with reading

There is nothing like moving half-way around the world to make you want to read more. Reading books, spending time in bookshops and library and seeing what other people are reading is a sure way to make me feel at home in a new (okay kinda new) place. So this next section of my favourites is dedicated to the books I have been loving over the past month. So I’ve finished some I have finished some I haven’t.



the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

I sang this books praises in a recent review post which you can find here, but this month I loved it because it helped me feel at home even when I wasn’t.




Secrets for the Mad by Dodie Clark


While this is by no means my favourite book in the world it made me smile a lot, and then it mad me cry a bit in a way that felt good and then it made me laugh. And sometimes you need a book that isn’t groundbreaking or life changing you need something comforting and familiar.



What to eat & how to eat it by Renée Elliot 

If you are looking for healthy eating inspiration or want to know a new way to use an ingredient that you love this is the book to check. This is one of many recipe books that I have been looking through in the library to find food inspo this one made it home because despite the title it isn’t as preachy as some health based cook books I have found.


Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay 

Just read this book. I listened to it during several cardio sessions in the gym and it helped me reflect on my own feminism and where I can work to improve the ways in which I act and consider ideas to be more intersectional with my feminism. It also helped me recognise areas of feminism I want to research more about to help me understand more about the ways in which the movement included or excluded groups of people.


Worn in New York by Emily Spivack 

I have not finished this one yet but the small snippets of peoples lives based around one item that defines them in New York City are incredibly interesting. The main reason I love this read is because I can read it slowly over several cafe dates with myself in-between writing in my journal or coming up with blog ideas.

That’s it for my favourite this month I am sure I will have plenty more by the end of February.


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