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What I wanted to be when I grew up…

As a little kid I wanted to be a lot of things, some of these dreams were realistic some less so but here is a short list of things I remember wanting to be when I was younger, okay I had some help from my mum on this one.

  1. A Hogwarts Student. Now I know I’m not alone in this, but even up until the day before my first day at secondary school I dreamt of being just like Hermione walking around the hallways and moving staircases of the magical school. If I’m being completely honest I still dream of it a little but now I know I would be a Slytherin student cozying up with Draco rather than one of Harry’s fan club.
  2. The person who wrote book reviews for magazines. I know this sounds very specific but I actually entered competitions and wrote some minor reviews of books that Sugar magazine or Mizz magazine sent me. This is still something I love to do, just head to the books section of this blog if you weren’t sure, but maybe not for tween and teen magazines.
  3. When I asked my mum what I wanted to be when I grew up she told me that when I was about 3/4yrs old I wanted to be Mary Poppins. That probably sounds insane to a lot of people but I used to watch the film on repeat as a child even if it was just for the music in the background. It was a miracle the VCR tape still worked really…
  4. An Olympic Swimmer. This was never going to happen I never actually joined my local swim team even though I swam 3 times a week with a teacher/coach anyway. But it was something I used to think about when I was in the water and didn’t realise how early Swim Club training was…
  5. More recently I have wanted to work in publishing and I still do in fact. However I also want to see a lot more the world and travel and for me at least and a career in an industry that needs plenty of internship experience etc would hold me in one place for a few years which would stop me from travelling as much as I love to do.


p.s this post was inspired by a similar by Sophie over at Sophie Rosie.

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