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Why I workout + my 2018 fitness goals.

Maia Crossfit Gym

Working out boosts my mood.

This is basic science really and may seem obvious but I wouldn’t be anywhere near as motivated to workout if it didn’t make me feel amazing afterwards. Sure there is a chemical reaction involved but if working out can take me from wanting to do nothing all day and generally feeling a bit shit to feeling ready to take on the day and in a good mood I don’t really care what causes it.

The Fitness Community.

When you start going to the gym you unknowingly enter into a community of people who all have similar mindsets and are supportive of your goals regardless of what they are. There is something to be said for the guys and gals who will take a break in their own workouts to help you out, spot your bench press when you want to try something a little heavier or show you a better technique, and that thing is thank you. I know there is a huge online fitness community but nothing really compares to that feeling of camaraderie that you have with your fellow classmates after that one class that manages to leave you all on the floor, and drenched in sweat.


Way to state the obvious Miriam… But as someone who has been relatively fit their entire lives this is a big one for me. I cannot imagine being in a position where I didn’t have a good level of fitness anymore. While I now mostly workout in the gym with a combination of spinning, body combat classes, weight lifting and yoga I credit my love of feeling healthy and looking after my health to my years of on and off swimming when I was younger. And as I mentioned previously working out makes me feel good which in turn helps me take care of my mental health, I personally find a super intense spin class or swimming session does this best for me. Having said that I know that when I need to give myself a break physically or mentally I turn to yoga for a slower pace and more meditative approach to movement.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t workout to look good. Peoples definitions of good are different for me is having some definition and tone to the muscles I have as well as remaining ‘long and lean’ which isn’t too hard as it is my natural body type. It has only been over the last couple of years that I have begun to pride my muscle aesthetics over being skinny, so I’m still very much excited when I begin to see the starts of bicep and tricep definition after several months of hard work.

Achieving goals. 

To me there is no feeling like ticking something off your to-do list and achieving a fitness goal is exactly the same. So naturally this is where I am going to Segway off and let you know my current fitness goals.


My Fitness Goals for 2018:

  • 5 full pull ups
  • 70kg Deadlift for 5 reps
  • 10 nose to floor press-ups
  • 5 Toes to bar unbroken

Now this goals as they are achieved will be replaced as I go through the year but I felt they were a good place to start with some being easier to achieve than others.



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