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From Queenstown back to Christchurch

The next few travel posts are actually from last year, but I was going through photos from my three month trip I realised I’d never spoken about the latter half of it. So here we go starting back in New Zealand and the 2 day trip we took from Queenstown back to Christchurch.

First of all if you haven’t bought a car for your backpacking trip or aren’t renting one for a long period of time then see if you can transfer cars for rental companies, I used TransferCar when I was in NZ. They are usually either free or at a heavy discount. You still need to pay for insurance and your time is limited to when they need the car in a different location but compared to the usual price of rentals its a no brainer. Well for someone who doesn’t plan everything they are doing in advance anyway…

On the first day of driving we headed up to Wanaka, and as with every lake I have been to in New Zealand it was breathtaking. On the way we picked up a hitchhiker trying to get there as well to meet a friend for the weekend. There is something to be said of a country where you very rarely have to wait longer than half an hour for a ride when you hitchhike, maybe its because there are so few roads so its easy to find people going in the same direction, and maybe its because I’m yet to meet a kiwi who isn’t friendly and welcoming to the people travelling here. On the way up we stopped at the fruit shop I mentioned in a previous post about my trip to get some things to eat on the road, mostly strawberries and apples but we also picked up a couple of bananas.

We stopped in Wanaka for a few hours where we walked around part of the lake and found a spot on some rocks to sit and enjoy the view and some strawberries which were some of the best I have ever had. Is this turning into a post about strawberries? Maybe…

When we got back onto the road it was time to just sit back and enjoy the drive toward the east coast while playing music roulette with Dustin’s phone because it is an unorganised mess that you have to put on shuffle… fortunately for me most of it is rock music which I can definitely get behind while driving. While sometimes driving on the NZ highways can be frustrating with it taking several passing points to get past the four lorries in front of you (I have never missed duel carriageways more) you cannot fault the scenery! I don’t think there was ever a point that I thought this landscape is boring now. You will want to pull over all the time to take photos so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For the night we parked up in a free campsite and slept on the back seat of our car, this was not warm or comfortable in any way but after a few hours sleep we hit the road again for the last leg into Christchurch this didn’t take us as long as expected which meant we essentially had a whole extra day in the city than we thought we would have, so after dropping of the car we, actually I say we but really it was just me went back to where we were staying and took a nap.

The next post will pick up with us leaving Christchurch again to head further north.



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