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What I Eat In A Day Vegan | Autumn Edition


Weirdly enough as the days are getting colder I have been craving less warming foods in the morning. this could also be because by the time I eat breakfast most days I have had 2 large mugs of herbal tea so I am already nice and warm on the inside. I have been going between chia puddings and this bowl. Its made up of dairy free yogurt (I’ve been loving ingland greek style yogurt, and Cathedral Cove Naturals Coconut yogurt), a nut based granola, some chopped up apple, and a little soy milk. Oh and a large spoonful of Fix and Fogg’s Dark Chocolate Peanut butter.




Pancakes. I have been waiting all week to make these and I was going to have them for breakfast but today was one of those days where I just wanted to get straight back under the covers to enjoy breakfast while watching the new series of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ so they had to wait to lunch time when I was more alert. I didn’t follow a recipe for these but I used some mashed bananas, a sachet on vanilla protein powder I had lying around, some oats, flour, and soy milk for the batter. Then I stirred in some frozen raspberries before frying them up. And is any stack of pancakes complete without toppings? I went with dairy free yogurt, more dark chocolate peanut butter, and some crushed up frozen raspberries.


I didn’t take photos of my dinner because it was dark outside and honestly as good as it tasted it was not a photogenic meal to begin with. But I made a hap-hazard version of my vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe (which you can find here) topped with some pan fried tempeh.

I am going to do another one of these pretty soon because I have noticed that on days when I am training I eat differently and crave different things than on rest days.


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