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18 things in 2018

A little later than I’d hoped but here is my 18 things in 2018, a list of 18 things that shaped me and I enjoyed over the past year.

1// Moved to Wellington, New Zealand.

2// Joined a Crossfit box, and got so much stronger than I have ever been.

3//Moved house 3 times.

4//Danced and sung my way through Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour with my sister.

5//Went through a break up.

6//Fell in love again.

7//Visited California and that trip is probably one of my favourite holidays I’ve ever been on

8//Went to the cinema more times that I can count.

9//Made so many new friends and missed all my friends in the UK loads.

10//Swam in the sea even though it’s damn cold.

11//Realised I actually really quite like hiking…

12//Drank a whole lot of coffee.

13//Ate my way through Wellingtons food scene.

14//Turned 22 and listened to that Taylor Swift song most of the day.

15//Started to teach myself French.

16//Read and talked about books with my colleague Lucy almost everyday we worked together.

17//Went camping more this year than ever before.

18//And finally I began to manage my mental health better than I ever have.

Mim xx

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