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Ah where to start I have been on and off blogging since 2012 (Archive can be found here) I’m a 21 year old Brit dreamer living all the way out in New Zealand for a year or maybe more. I am the type of girl to book and plan her next trip before the last one is over, in an ideal world I would be on holiday all the time but alas I am not.

You may have guessed from some of the posts on here that I am vegan, I mean like everyone I make mistakes but I do my damn best not to. I also as Literature and Publishing grad have a huge love of books, and am constantly wishing I could read more. But in slight stereotypical contrast to this I am someone who loves going to the gym, sometimes to do classes or cardio but mostly to lift weights, well in the case of my arm strength try to lift weights.

I hope you enjoy your time here on my little space on the internet.



p.s. For collab and business enquires email: or use the contact form below.